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Ondamed Services

What is the Ondamed?

The Ondamed is a biofeedback device that works with the subtle energy in our body. It detects areas of energy stagnation within the body, and then rebalances the energy flow. It is a non-invasive treatment for both physical and emotional disorders.

Our bodies are driven by electromagnetic energy, as every cell and organ has its own energy cycle. The energy cycles of our cells become disrupted before physical symptoms appear. As with acupuncture, Ondamed realigns the electromagnetic energy of our cells.

By using specific pulsed frequencies the Ondamed starts the correction of a) communication at the cellular level, and b) metabolism. The technician can feel a jump in your pulse as a response from your body to the frequencies from the Ondamed being brought into its energy field. The Ondamed tells us which frequencies are needed by your body specifically.

The frequencies send vibrations throughout your body, similar to sonar, and are felt back in your pulse when a stagnant area is met. The vibrations from the Ondamed frequencies in your tissues cause movement in your cells, supporting metabolism and stimulating the lymphatic system. This offers a therapeutic effect in most conditions. The technician is able to determine Interference fields when scanning your body and the Ondamed simultaneously delivers frequencies that support your physical and emotional well being.

The Ondamed also has preset protocols for specific conditions and symptoms, as well as microorganisms and nutrient points. This gives us the opportunity to treat conditions such as smoking, allergies, arthritis and many more.

We at Cline Medical Centre believe that the Ondamed is an essential and effective treatment modality available for you. Further Information can be obtained through our staff at 1-877-333-3030 or

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